Does consciousness create the universe? Modern science, namely Quantum Theory tells us that perhaps, yes it does. Contemporary science through empirical testing informs us that there in an inextricable and dualistic link between an observer and the object being observed.

The universe is made of particles, but particles also behave as waves. Actually, particles always exist in a wave state of probability until a conscious observer decides to look at it. It is the simple act of observation that will collapse the wave function of a particle to a single position of locality in space. This event is observed at the quantum level, but everything in the universe including us, are made of particles…

SUPERPOSITION explores the implications of this idea by splitting the canvas into two halves. On one side, the world as we perceive and which we interact. On the other, creative line work illustrating the non locality of the quantum world. The panels halves rendered using a realist technique are all subjects and places that are of great importance to me. From the Belgianlandscape to narratives about loss - each painting is a marriage of interest and emotion.

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Boston, MA USA