Does consciousness create the universe? Modern science, namely Quantum Theory tells us that perhaps, yes it does. Contemporary science informs us that there in an inextricable and dualistic link between an observer and the object being observed.

At a fundamental, subatomic level, the building blocks for the whole of nature are particles. Confirmed the world over and replicated hundreds of times for nearly two hundred years are the results of the famous double-slit experiment. The results suggest that these building blocks can exist as probabilistic waves which exist everywhere in the universe simultaneously (called a superposition) or as particles which have location and measurability. A particle seems to exist as a wave only until a conscious observer interacts with it, when it then becomes a particle with locality in space. This phenomenon is called the collapse of the wave function.

While the interpretation of the results vary and have since delineated into several different widely-held theories, the Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics has championed this phenomenon as suggesting that consciousness plays a fundamental role in the structure of the universe. Consciousness seems to be the mechanism which engineers nature’s fundamental composition from probabilistic wave-states to determined particles with structure and location.

So as far as we can tell, when consciousness appears in the universe, so too does the universe itself appear as we know it. It no longer exists as a probabilistic potential, but it is realized and is actualized into reality as we see it, sense it, interact with it and understand it.

SUPERPOSITION explores the implications of this idea by splitting the canvas into two halves. On one side, the world as we perceive and which we interact. On the other, creative line work illustrating the non locality of the quantum world. The panels halves rendered using a realist technique are all subjects and places that are of great importance to me. From the Belgianlandscape to narratives about loss - each painting is a marriage of interest and emotion.

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