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Updated: Dec 2, 2022

As an artist who creates artifacts meant for public consumption, feedback and critique of my work is an essential part of the art-making and art-enjoying process. I greatly value my followers and the tremendous support I have received while on my creative journey. While my creative intentions are always focused on growth, education and exploration, I recognize that some of the subjects I explore teeter on the line of controversy. My intentions are never to offend, belittle or minimize any individual or institutions. In my view - and a view that western civilization is largely founded on - is the absolute primacy of an individual's ability to speak their truth and experience. With this, we often run the risk of offending others. Being offended or uncomfortable, however, is as necessary aspect of growth which one encounters when participating in a public conversation. We MUST run the risk of offending if we value progress.

This being said, I am always open to feedback and criticism about my work and how/where I present it. This openness allows me to grow and connect with my audience in ways that ultimately drives personal reflection and growth.

My art projects are often long-term endeavors and come in a series. I encourage anyone interested in my work to read the project theses of a given series HERE to clarify my vision and position on the work. WHAT I WILL NOT RESPOND TO

I WILL NOT engage with any feedback or criticism which is mean-spirited or meant to denigrate or shame. If you take issue with any of my work or views to the point of being motivated to voice mean-spirited sentiments, I suggest that you please stop following me and my work. The world is full of great artists who may be more aligned with your views.

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