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ABOUT THE ART: Good Intentions...

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

While I typically work in oils, I have recently begun creating sculptures as a means to further investigate intellectual concepts that interest me. One theme that has gripped me for the past several years is appropriating, re-purposing and re-contextualizing universally recognized religious symbols and imagery. In doing so, I am able to begin a dialogue using symbols which already have emotional, intellectual and spiritual significance with viewers and ask them to view the symbols and icons from different perspectives and in new contexts.

When the Christian cross is viewed in its typical upright position, viewers both secular and faithful might instantly ascribe to it key Christian (and generally religious) concepts such as faithfulness, righteousness, sacrifice, primacy of the individual and, of course, God. But the Christian cross is a unique symbol in that it is one of very few supremely well-known and iconic symbols that, when inverted, has an equally strong oppositional meaning.

Good Intentions was an elegant way of illustrating this moral dichotomy within the narrative of having one's seemingly righteous intentions ultimately having bad or even evil outcomes. We have seen this story played out time and again throughout history, and it remains relevant today. Too often we witness destructive and divisive results from actions and ideas masked in rosey buzzwords and catchy slogans. This sculpture prods us to reassess precisely what we believe and what we are aiming at in order to ensure that our words and actions are truly having the results we desire. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

"Good Intentions" 17" x 33" x .75" Mixed Media - Wall mounted

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